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Year: 2014

How to use meal time to build communication skills.

As the holidays approach family and friends will gather to talk, laugh, share stories and meals. It is in this context that there is opportunity for both child and adult with communicative difficulties to benefit. Meal time is a natural

How pets help with speech & Language.

Pets teach, enrich and offer a special kind of relationship with those who have them. Studies have shown that 90 percent of all children live with a pet at sometime during their childhood. Pets can help foster emotional, cognitive, social

Developing Social skills in young children

Saying “Hi” or “bye” or just  sharing feelings does not come easily for all children. Many kids today exhibits social or pragmatic language delays. Some have even been diagnosed with conditions such as Autism and Turret’s syndrome. There are several

How to help your child fit in – this school year!

by John E. Peats M.S., CCC-SLP More and more children are having significant difficulties fitting in at school.  Children have difficulty for a variety of reasons – ranging from things they can do something about (i.e. social skills)  to things

Autism – Some early signs

by John E. Peats M.S., CCC-SLP Autistic Spectrum disorder is a condition where children are born with a range of debilitating limitations in ability to understand and use verbal language to communicate. It is a condition that is being diagnosed

The power of play: Can a balloon help my child to talk?

by John Peats M.S., CCC-SLP Play is the means whereby children learn how human beings engage each other, express their needs or desires and establish connections that benefit both communicators on every level – socially, emotionally and physically. Balloons are

Ten practices to develop language and communication in children who are late talkers.

by John Peats M.S., CCC-SLP There are several reasons why children may not be communicating as a parent might expect. While some kids just have a timetable of their own, others truly are having a difficult time figuring out why

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