Frequently asked questions

Qu: What is a Speech Language pathologist?
Ans: A Speech Language pathologist is a professional who is trained to assess and treat a variety of communication problems. These range from difficulty in producing sounds and meaningful language to trouble understanding and producing speech following a neurological incidence like a stroke. The speech language pathologist could specialize and just treat children, adults or both.

Qu: How long does treatment last?
Ans: Length of treatment depend on a variety of factors ranging from the type and severity of the communication problem to the amount of effort and time a client is willing to invest in meeting goals.

Qu: How can I schedule an appointment?
Ans: Please see contact information on the home page.

Qu: Do you take insurance as a form of payment?
Ans: Yes. This practice will accept payment through a number of insurance sources including Medicare & Medicaid.

Qu: What are your hours of operation?
AnsPractice is opened from 9-5 pm ; Monday – Friday.

Qu:: What is an expressive language disorder?                                                                           Ans:An expressive language disorder is when an individual has difficulty stating their ideas through the spoken or written word as well as in other forms of communication (i.e. sign language).

Qu: What is a receptive language disorder?    
Ans:: A receptive disorder is when an individual has difficulty understanding what is spoken, written or communicated through any other symbol system (i.e. sign language).

Qu: What is an articulation disorder?
Ans: An articulation disorder is when an individual has trouble pronouncing specific sounds in a one or a variety of speech contexts including words, sentences and conversation.

Qu: What is Aphasia?
Ans: Aphasia is a communication problem resulting from a neurological incident – like a stroke. The individual has difficulty speaking, understanding others and often lose ability in reading and written language.

Qu: How is a language disorder different from a language delay?                                             Ans: A language delay is when a child exhibit a slower onset of language skills. He or she is behind in what is expected of their language abilities at their age. A language disorder is when a child exhibit a persistent lag in acquiring and using language skills well below age expectations.