Come Talk with me is a Speech therapy practice started in 2014.  Our one goal at Come Talk with me is to provide evidence-based, results driven speech and language therapy.

Owner is – John Peats who is a state and nationally certified speech-language pathologist. Mr. Peats has been practicing in a variety of settings, including schools and hospitals for 20 years.

In our practice we purpose to: carefully listen to families, empathize with our clients and always provide patient – centered assessments and interventions. We do this in order for our clients and their families to achieve their best outcome.

Areas in which this practice has provided advanced and exceptional service are: Articulation, Stuttering, Early Childhood and School aged language development, Autism and social-pragmatic disorders, Aphasia and Dysarthria.

We are able to provide services at our client’s home, school or center.

Below are some of the services offered:

Screenings – of speech and language delays and disorders for  children from infancy thru school age.

Formal Assessments – a comprehensive evaluation of all areas of Speech & Language  – using standardized assessment tools and informal measures for infants, school aged children and adults.

Interventions – Specialized therapy provided for a variety of delays and disorders:

Therapies for children : Articulation (including apraxia), Stuttering, Language (all areas) and Voice therapies

Therapies for adults: Aphasia, Dysarthria and Dysphagia therapies